A place for every child to learn and grow

At Wonder Years School, we provide a curriculum that focuses on developing every child's unique set of skills, knowledge, and strengths. Our emergent curriculum is responsive to children's interests and is based on their developmental and skill level. We believe in creating meaningful learning experiences that promote joyful, engaged learning. Our teachers observe and intentionally plan various studies integrated with STEAM, following the child's line of inquiry.

Developing Resilient, Empathetic, and Responsible Individuals: Developing Social Emotional Skills

We believe that social emotional skills are essential to every child's growth and development. Our play-based curriculum provides ample opportunities for social interactions, such as sharing space, materials, and ideas with peers and teachers. Our teachers plan the environment to promote collaboration, negotiation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, empathy, and self-regulation. We encourage children to express their emotions and teach them how to recognize and link their feelings to words. Positive strategies of self-regulation are taught throughout the day, and we provide resources such as books, charts, songs, stories, puppets, and activities to reinforce positive behavior. Our goal is to teach children how to regulate their emotions effectively, contributing to their success in social interactions and their capacity to learn.

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We Provide an Environment That Enables Students to Thrive: Creative Arts

We believe that creative arts are an essential component of how children learn and process what they have learned. Our curriculum provides open-ended materials and activities to promote creative and critical thinking skills, cultivate imagination, stimulate discovery, and promote cognitively complex play. We emphasize the significance of the process over the product, as it promotes creativity, innovation, independence, problem-solving skills, literacy, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-expression. Our focus on creative arts stimulates and helps children cultivate their abilities across all domains, including physical, social-emotional, cognitive, arts, approaches to learning, language, and literacy.

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Studies: The Preschool Dedicated to Your Child's Success

Our comprehensive, research-based, rich, and engaging curriculum is implemented through the study approach. Our studies are hands-on, in-depth explorations and investigations of meaningful topics based on children's interests, planned and delivered by teachers in an exciting and engaging manner. Children are an integral part of study planning, and their ideas and thoughts are valued. Our experienced teachers focus on children's interests, use developmentally appropriate practices, and design a content-rich program with hands-on learning experiences integrated into these studies. Children find answers through exploration, discovery, collaboration, connecting new knowledge to something they already know, and everyday experiences. Our program provides an environment and freedom where children apply their acquired skills in real-life contexts, encouraging higher-level thinking, development of intellectual interests, and positive approaches to learning.

At Wonder Years School, we provide an inclusive and supportive environment for children to learn and grow. Our curriculum is designed to develop every child's unique set of skills, knowledge, and strengths while promoting social emotional skills, creativity, and critical thinking. Our focus on studies and hands-on learning experiences enables children to gain deeper understanding, confidence, and lifelong critical thinking skills. We are dedicated to your child's success and believe in developing resilient, empathetic, and responsible individuals.

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