Wonder Years School Infant Program

Designed with the utmost care and attention to provide your little one with the best possible start in their journey of growth and development.

Wonder Years School Infant Program

A program for every parent and child

At Wonder Years School, we take pride in our diverse array of programs, thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs of every family we serve.


6 months - 18 months

Full Time

Monday - Friday

8:00am - 3:00pm

Extended Full Time

Monday - Friday

8:00am - 5:30pm

Primary caregiving

Limited spots

Wonder Years School Infant Program
Wonder Years School Infant Program
Wonder Years School Infant Program

Infant Program

Our infant program is built upon the following core principles:

Primary Caregiving

We follow the practice of primary caregiving, a method where each infant is entrusted to a dedicated caregiver. This unique approach places relationships at the forefront of our care, fostering trust, security, and vital attachments that are fundamental to the healthy development of neural pathways, emotional regulation, and foundational learning, which ultimately shapes your infant's future.

Individualized Care and Learning

We recognize that each infant has their own pace and preferences. Our experienced caregivers work closely with families to create personalized care plans that align with the baby's unique needs and developmental milestones. Even at this tender age, infants are learning constantly. We engage them in developmentally-appropriate activities and focus on their physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development.

Safety and Comfort

Our caregivers are not just trained professionals; they are also compassionate individuals who provide nurturing care to make your baby feel safe and loved. The safety and comfort of your child are paramount. Our infant room is thoughtfully designed to provide a secure, clean, and soothing environment where your baby can explore, learn, and grow under the watchful eye of our caring staff.

Regular Communication

We maintain an open line of communication with parents, ensuring you're always informed about your baby's day, from feeding and napping schedules to milestones achieved. We acknowledge that as your baby grows, their schedules evolve, and we are here to not only adapt but also to attentively listen and comprehend your aspirations for your precious one.

At Wonder Years School, we consider it a privilege to care for your precious infant during these formative years. Our Infant Program is more than just a childcare service; it's a loving and supportive community. Join us, and let's embark on this exciting journey of growth and discovery together.

Infant Program

Laying the foundation for future learning

We know you care about your child's future. That's why we offer you the freedom to choose the right program for them.

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Full time


per month

M-F 8 AM to 3:00 PM

  • Year round program
  • Organic, Healthy Morning & Afternoon snack
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per month

M-F from 8 AM to 5:30 PM

  • Year round Program
  • Organic, Healthy Morning & Afternoon snack
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A Day at School

(Sample Schedule)

Infant schedule will depend upon the children in care and their individual schedules. It's flexible and varies for each child in care.

  • Good Morning

    Good Morning

    School opens, families begin to arrive. Teachers welcome children and families.

  • Learning through play / Indoor Play time

    Learning through play / Indoor Play time

    Children will explore indoor environments engaging in various child led and teacher led activities all the while teachers facilitate and scaffold children's play hence supporting and extending the learning.

  • Handwashing / Morning Snack / Bottle

    Handwashing / Morning Snack / Bottle

    We will be serving organic, nutritious snacks to keep the energy going for a fun day at school.

  • Outdoor adventures

    Outdoor adventures

    Children enjoy outside activities in the playground building their gross motor skills.

  • Diaper change / Handwashing

    Diaper change / Handwashing

  • Nap


    Time to relax, rest and recharge. Like the song goes, "We play our best, when we have rest".

  • Diaper change / Handwashing

    Diaper change / Handwashing

  • Lunch / Bottle

    Lunch / Bottle

    Children eat lunch brought from home in the company of their friends and teachers.

  • Indoor play

    Indoor play

    Children explore the thoughtfully set up classroom environment which is safe, inviting and playful.

  • Outdoor play

    Outdoor play

    To feel the air, sunshine or fog, look at the plants, clouds and sky, touch the leaves,sand and water, smell the earth and flowers.

  • Handwashing / Afternoon snack / Bottle

    Handwashing / Afternoon snack / Bottle

  • Diaper change / Handwashing

    Diaper change / Handwashing

  • Nap


    Because all that rapid brain development tires our little ones.

  • Diaper change / Handwashing

    Diaper change / Handwashing

  • Home time

    Home time

    Teachers share information with parents about the child's day, routines and special moments.

Discover, Learn and Grow